Back Look Of Indian Brides With Back Jewelry And Hairstyle

| April 28, 2017

The most important aspect of a bridal’s overall look is her wedding dress, footwear, jewelry, makeup, hairstyle and other accessories. Almost all brides cover their head with dupatta or pallu so they don’t need to embellish their hairstyle and back with accessories but there are some brides who don’t like to cover their head on the big day.

Some Indian brides like to wear their traditional and national dress sari with backless blouses in order to show off the beauty of their skin, hairstyle and hair embellishment so they can get the idea from this post. One thing has become the speciality off Indian brides that they like to adorn their hairstyle with fresh jasmine flowers in different styles.

Long sleeves short and backless blouse is fully adorned with silver color zari work including stones and crystals looking so beautiful and to make the bared skin more beautiful a multi layered dainty necklace with a dangling brooch placed in the centre of layers is teamed with this backless blouse

and sleek braided bun is embellished with fresh floral vines wrapped around the bun looking so nice and this back look will make a bride stand out the crowd from all sides. Some Indian brides having long length hair like to wear simple braided hairstyle as you can see in the picture.

If you like braid and like to wear a bun hairstyle also them you can use false hair for braiding, tie your hair into a bun and wrap fresh jasmine floral vine around your bun, and then link false braid to your bun, embellish it

with some ornaments and wrap the long false braid in criss cross fashion with flowers. This hairstyle works best with backless blouses to make your back a focal point as the front.

Ivory shade sari dress is fully adorned with work from the front and back side also and to make the back side centre of attention wear a multi layered stunning backdrop necklace on your back and your back look will surely turn the heads around.

This back jewelry is a glamorous addition to your bridal dress and your overall bridal look; all strands consist of Swarovski pearls with beautiful crystal brooch in the center and on the both corners of necklace. Use this beautiful piece of back jewelry to embellish your naked back on the day of your wedding.

Mostly Bengali brides wear braided hairstyle with their traditional sari dress on their big day and these braided hairstyles are common of Indian bridal hairstyles also. Long haired brides can carry this easily and if you have not long length hair then you can increase the length with false hair.

Make a simple braid which is neither too loose nor too tight and for embellishment, wrap the braid all around in criss cross fashion with tiny beaded strands and use a heavy style matha patti for the completion of your bridal look.

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