Different Ways to Decorate the Wedding Tables

| June 29, 2016

0. How To Style A Wedding Table

Wedding is such a day when everyone is in the excited and  happy mood the responsibility of everyone is equal because  on the wedding there are too much work  which is  very difficult to do by someone .All the people divide their work and  try to do it best but the main  work which is  very compulsory in the wedding is  the decoration because a decoration is remember  for many years and the first of all no one see the menu of the wedding everybody see the decorating of the wedding place  because it is the wish of  the bride and groom that wear the prince and princess like  dresses  on their wedding    and the decoration should be very be very enchanting and   memorable for the coming guests  so the people who want to decorate the wedding hall, hotels  and the wedding places then they can choose these ideas for  decorating because if you    take the ideas from the expert decorator  and a  say  them to  décor the wedding hall they demand too much money  .the  most important thing is table  you should focus on the table  that the decoration of your table  should be impressive. So stay with us and  enjoy the ideas which are good .

Vintage inspired decoration:

1. How To Style A Wedding Table

Some people are inspired from the  vintage weddings so  you can decorate  the tables with  the vintage style flowers pot in the center with the  antique  candle stands both sides of the flower pots  and you can match the napkins with the flower colors and this  arrangement of table is good for the  garden organize  wedding ceremony  .The color of flower can be selected according to the chopice of the  bride  and the candle stand was commonly used in the vintage era.

Small lights for decoration:

2. How To Style A Wedding Table

In the wedding ceremony create everywhere the illumination and lighting because candles, flowers,lights and chandeliers are good for  decorate a party .take a long glass vase and  wrap it with the small lights and  keep on all the tables  of wedding ceremony  it is very easy to make  it is   up to your choice you can wrap  three to four color   lights on it  and when you will on these lights you table look  splendid  two to  three vases are  well for per  table.

Rustic inspired decoration:

Many  people like the old rustic decoration on the wedding which is mostly done with the rope ,wood and the burlap  because these  all things are brown .take a  tree wood which is something grassy  and keep two  big  glass  jars the brown color  beautiful flowers are  good to keep in these jars with water you can add the glitter in these jars  and on the wood lit the candles all side of the jars.  Keep these  wood on the tables which are lying  in  every corner of the wedding hall.

French style:

4. How To Style A Wedding Table

In the French decoration the use of steel and antique candle stand was much more  but now a days this trend is increasing day by day so use  two big candle stand and keep it on the table with  big size candles you can use the colorful  candles also  and the flower pots on the whole table  with the laced stuff table mat  because  your wedding is at the night time then  illuminate the lights on the tree and the  plants  with your table all the   plants and tree should be lighted.

 Wine glass decoration:

5. How To Style A Wedding Table

Some people who don’t want to spend their lot of money on the decoration so they can use wine glass   for decorating. Keep three   glass in the plate and put the drinking side bottom and in the glass put some  flowers  and you can decorate the glass with   the glitter  and the lights  with the candles  you can keep the  colorful wine glass  on  the tables  it is good way to  decorate the table.

Red rose decoration:

6. How To Style A Wedding Table

For the  good  and latest wedding table decoration  you can decorate the table with red roses and if your wedding ceremony is  on the valentine’s day then you can use the rose  vases  and use the black laced   long  table mat  with the beautiful vases  and keep the decorate the chairs and tables with the white and black color  covers  on  the  spoons  and folk wrap the  net   fabric.

Candle with flowers:

7. How To Style A Wedding Table

Take a long table for the dinner which is according to your guest strength keep the candle stand at short distance and flower vases on   inside the candle stands with beautiful red plates and the   glasses  with the beautiful cover of chairs  and the  tables  red flowers are increasing the  beauty of your table at the place of red you can keep the white color  flowers for the elegancy.

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