How to Wear a Veil & Tiara Collection

| June 7, 2014

Tiara is a crown form ornament and veil is net fabric that women worn on head, shoulders and sometimes face.  Girls desired that they wear tiara on their wedding ceremony. Because this is a specific ornament which not use generally. If you find a chance that you wear tiara & veil. You should check that which type of tiara is perfect according your face shape.

Here we introduce some guidelines which can better your face with veil & tiara. Firstly, start with combing veil and kept concave side upward.  Both layers of tulles are pulled towards the back. Now, concave side of the comb downward and glide it, into the hair. Kept the tiara on you head without any space between tiara and veil.

You can use fitted tiara for your relaxation. If you have pins loops tiara, you should secure tiara with bobby pins. Cover the ends of tiara with hair. Tiaras are in various styles like hallow tiara, high peak tiara, zigzag tiara floral style and many others. You should select tiara according your face shape and dress. Bridal dress with tiara looks like a princess.

Veil & Tiara bridal wear collection

vintage style long Veil & Tiara

wedding wear Veil & Tiara

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