Wearing Glasses on Wedding as Necessity or as Photography Prop

| February 2, 2016

Glasses for Wedding:

It is a truth that, people who have weak eye sight then they use glasses in their everyday life. Can you imagine a bride who appears on her wedding day in glasses?  Can you imagine a groom in glasses or a group of bridesmaids in eyewear?  Well it’s a yes from side because now day’s different photo props are used for making wedding photos remarkable, unique & different. Well, when you use glasses as photo prop then you use this prop only for some time when photographer want to capture some photos. What if you have weak eye sight & there is a great need to wear glasses during the whole wedding function? Well, mostly it is observed that bride/groom reject glasses by thinking that it will look odd & boring on them on their wedding day & opt for lens but dear you should be confident & choose a right shape eyewear with a fancy frame that can go best with your wedding day attire. Believe me you will look a special & exceptional couple on the big day of your life. For adding an exclusive theme, I think its better that the couple (bride & groom) should request to the Bridesmaids & grooms maids to wear glasses so that a harmony will be created.  Believe me you can silently rock on your wedding day by following the idea of eyewear. So, whether you want to use glasses as photo prop or moreover these are essential for you, in both cases the following ideas will surely helps you a lot in order to use eyewear properly during photography.

Can bride wear earring with glasses? I think in this regard you have to check your wedding dress neckline if it is sweetheart, halter or strapless then you can wear earrings with glasses if it is illusion or bateau then skip earrings when wear glasses.

Mostly bride avoid to pluck their eyebrows in proper shape because they think that eyewear can hide their brows but here you are making a big mistake because eyewear makes your eyebrows most prominent. So pluck your eyebrows in best shape by keeping your natural eyebrow shape, face shape, eyes shape & eyewear shape into the mind.

Make sure that your glasses will never hurt your artificial eyelashes (that are commonly used by brides). If it happens then keep your eyewear at some distance or choose an eyewear that has some distance from your eye line. Various styles of glasses with different uses on the wedding day are described below.

Aviator Style Sunglasses for Bride, Groom & Bridesmaids Photography:

aviator stylish glasses for bridesmaids

Aviator glasses are best in order to add some royal & bold touch into the personality of bride & groom. Wear these sunglasses during daytime wedding when you think that sun rays can hurt your eyes. The mirror color of aviator should always be selected by keeping the wedding theme & dress color into the mind. If groom will be wearing gray pant suit then I think the black mirror aviator glasses will look nice. Aviator always looks timeless in thin metal frame.

Bride Groom Tag Glasses for Wedding Photography:

bride groom tag stylish glasses for wedding photography ideas

If you want to use glasses only as a photo prop then try unique idea that is the use of glasses that have exclusive tags such as “bride” & “groom”. Bride should wear bride tag glasses & groom should wear groom tag glasses. Similarly for capturing after wedding pictures the bride cam use “Mrs.” & groom can use “Mr.” tag glasses. The use of such glasses during photography will surely help you to have a fun on this big day but also helps you to laugh in future.

Stylish Cat Eye Glasses for Photography:

cat eye stylish glasses for wedding photography ideas

Get a cat style is another option for you. For brides some important points to remember are; they should select a hairstyle carefully by keeping the use of glasses into the mind. Mostly a tightly made bun is the best option but if you can manage your hairs easily then you can go with center parted romantic curls. The loose side chignon also looks best. The hairstyle with side fringe or bangs can add cuteness on your face with glasses. When you are spending lot of money on your dress, make over & hairstyling then I think you can order new specs (instead of wearing your old boring design of glasses) in a different shape of frame such as cat eye for getting a funky & chic look.

Funny & Handmade Glasses as Wedding Photo Prop:

funny stylish glasses for wedding photography ideas

You can make glasses at home; yes these are called handmade or homemade wedding props. You can try any shape of glasses round, square, small, big size, heart shape, rectangular, oval, triangular & so on. Handmade glasses can be made in two ways. First one involves the making of an eyewear only in eyewear frame style (from which you can see) & other is the making of complete eyewear with paper (from which you cannot see). Attach a stick with eyewear or a ribbon so that your wear can be fixed around eyes either by holding stick in hand or by binding ribbon at the back of head.

Oversize Round Glasses for Capturing Wedding Pictures:

round stylish glasses for wedding photography ideas

Wear oversize eyewear in round shape & bride can enhance they stylishness off their look by applying bold or dark color lipsticks on their lips because I think the oversize glasses with bold lips looks perfect. What do you think?

Wayfarer as Best Glasses for Wedding Photography:

wayfarer stylish glasses for wedding photography

If you eyesight is weak then you can try the wayfarer specs on the wedding day. This shape of glasses can go best on almost every face shape except square because wayfarer are already in  square shape so if these are worn by square shape persons then their face will look more square.

If you (I mean brides) want to wear your own typical style of specs on the wedding day because you never want to do any experiment with your look then try to enhance the beauty of your personality with proper hairstyling, make-up, use of hair accessories & stylish jewelry pieces. An embellished frame can also be used for eyewear such as little crystal embellished frame looks fancy on a bride. I think groom can go best with any style of eyewear but the real problem is for those brides who have medical problems but hopefully all the above described points will help you.

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