Classy and Stylish Shawls for Girls In Crochet Patron

| November 30, 2016

Girls look very cute in crochet shawls that are available in different designs. Elders should always pay attention to the small boys and girls for it is the age to make them conscious about their presence and presentation. In winter season there are many things to cover the body like shawls, upper , shrugs and blazer. But here we will specifically talk about the crochet shawl how its looks on young girls.

Crochet shawls can transform a simple wearing in to stylish form. Young girls can look fashion statements cover in these crochet shawl. Lets discus how you can make girls happy and stylish at the same time wearing crochet shawl;

Brown color crochet shawl;


In the given pictures two different design of the shawls are shown. Both are looking very classy. One of the two is high collared turtle neck shawl that is high and low. It can b worn over T-shirts and fitted pants. Large buttons have decorated the shawl and it is looking very classy. On the other picture another design in the same color is looking outstanding. If a girl feel irritated in covering the neck she can opt for this shawl. This shawl is in triangle form with V-neckline and fringes on the edges are making the shawl adorable.

Off-white and white color shawl;


This crochet shawl is woven in sweater or jacket form as it is open from front side. This is wearable with any kind of outfit. Even in weddings girls will look very beautiful in this crochet shawl. In the other picture white color shawl is looking very nice with rounded collar and tussles in the middle are making the shawl stylish. Very simple dress pant and basic is looking classy and stylish with the addition of crochet open shawl.

Multi colored shawl;


Multi colored shawl exudes playful impact to its surrounding. This triangular multi colored shawl in crochet is looking fabulous and girls will love to wear it. At the time of going outside to play, if you just make them habitual of wearing shawl then this habit will improve their likes to be conscious about wearing while going outside. There is an advantage of these triangular form of shawls that girls do not need to carry it like other simple shawl but they can play and run easily without the trouble of handling and keeping shawl on shoulders.

Crochet shawl with different wearing;


Here in these pictures it is shown how crochet shawl can be taken with different outfits. If a girl is wearing collared shirt then you can pair a crochet shawl of same color with it putting the collar of the shirt over the shawl. Then girls wear skirt and shirt happily so you can couple a crochet shawl over the basics. Be conscious about the color contrast of the outfit and the shawl as both should complement each other.

Good neckline in crochet shawl;


Good neckline in crochet shawl look very adorable and make style statement. Here the purple color shawl is looking attractive and awesome with fitted skirt. Purple color shawl is looking very suitable with the black skirt and white basics. This dressing is very suitable for girls on casual occasions. At the time of playing they can wear these shawls and these things help them to improve their personality.

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