Unique and Beautiful Crochet Patterns in Chunky Wool Blankets

| August 29, 2016

Making wool blankets with crochet is a great art and anyone cannot make it easily and here we will talk about crochet wool blanket. This chunky blanket in different colors is looking beautiful and so warm, soft and cozy. If you want to make this you need skeins of big twist natural blend yarn in every color you want, a yarn needle and a hook. Start knitting with a foundation chain and use a two strand twisted yarn and make the entire blanket with these two strands.

It can be difficult at first to hold the strands because there are too many loops and once you get into the repetitive crochet motion it would be easy for you to make a blanket. Make at least forty chains with every color and when you need to change a color insert the hook in the new color and start knitting the chain again with new color and repeat this with another color and you can use different colors in this way.

When you have completed all colors then pull the tails all the ways through on your last stitch and pull tight. After finished your work in the last use your yarn needle to weave the ending and beginning tails in and trim the extra yarn with your needle and your beautiful chunky blanket is ready.

This blanket is knitted by crochet in grey wool is looking good and easy to make because this design is so simple and made in loose chains if you are a beginner then you can easily make it after a short practice. All designs of crochet are made in chains and first you start the chain it is easy to make the whole designs.

This full size blanket is made in cream color and big chains of wool are made in this blanket and to make this design you will need a big crochet hook and a big yarn needle. There is another blanket of cream color which is made in a different design and its edges are in curve shape so beautiful and tricky.
This pink blanket is designed in mouse and thimble pattern looking pretty and you can gift this blanket to a little girl because little girls like pink color the most.

This blanket in short size also made in cream wool and there are huge chains in this design. The blankets are also made in the combination of different colors as this blanket is made in four color and all are light and nice colors so you can this one to someone special baby.

There are four colors in this piece and it has a different design and looking awesome and this can be used with matching bed covers. And this a small blanket in cream color with a different and beautiful design.
After reading the above instructions you will be able to make a crochet blanket. At start, make small and tiny things and if you learnt to make tiny things then you would make big things like shawls and blankets.

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